Your Wish… Is my Command

Published September 7, 2015 by writergirl8183

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. The changes I’ve been through is… I’m no longer a sub

Master has finalized the paperwork, and made up a contract, and I am not a slave. I did not come to this easily. I did allot of research, and realized it’s what i want. 

I would love to share some of my photos and videos, but not sure how. I definitely think they are worth buying. Anyone interested?

If you want to see Master do something to me, or see something special tell us and we’ll have it done. Your wish.. is my command Encrypted2015030700161987 FB_20140912_03_17_42_Saved_Picture WP_20140604_010


Owwy side

Published June 2, 2014 by writergirl8183

Painful side of paddle

Painful side of paddle

Do I visit the Dungeon?

Published June 2, 2014 by writergirl8183

So, I’ve been reading much more into this dungeon. I never knew the town that I lived in had a dungeon. I went on this fetish site, where you find others of the same mind to talk to, and I was invited to go to a dungeon.  At first I was thinking it sounded fun, and then I showed my master, and he began to talk to this mistress of the dungeon, who told him that she’d give him lessons, and then she’d take me off of his hands and teach me a lesson.  Thinking about this gives me all kinds of feelings. I’ve never shared my secrets and fantasies with anyone before my husband, so to come out and talk to someone new, and be invited to go somewhere like this, makes me nervous and excited all at the same time.  I’ve looked up youtube, and other sites to see what dungeons are, but nothing is showing me what I really want to know… what this dungeon is like. If I go there, and she grabs me, and starts to punish me, what if I can’t handle it? What if my pain tolerance isn’t what I thought it was? With my master, he knows my body, so he knows just how hard to spank me, but she… she’s never met me… *sigh* I’m really getting myself all worked up over this. Any thoughts?