How I want to be

Published May 28, 2014 by writergirl8183

How I want to be

This is how I imagine myself when I think of being dominated. This picture is so hot to me.


15 comments on “How I want to be

    • Well, that all depends on what my Master decides. Sometimes he talks to me and tells me his feelings about things going on, when I’m bound, I seem to listen more than other times. Other times, when I am bound up, that’s when I get punished.

      • That’s what I like so much. When I am fully submitting to him, I lose all control. This is something that is a totally amazing and sesual to me. I have been thru allot in my life, that should make a person like me not trust ANYONE, but with him, my husband, master, and best friend, I know that he knows my body, and my mind, and he will never push me too far where I can’t come back. I have even asked to not have a code word, because that is just how much I trust him!

      • LOL, ty. Glad you liked it. Just started blogging, I love to write, in fact, I have published books about some of my fantasies. Much more to come when I’m not doing my every day work.

      • I truly thank you. We recently went on vacation.. cross country, and we talked about me doing this, but I was nervous. I never told anyone my fantasies and fetishes before my husband.. In fact, for years, I thought that I was weird because of what I liked. But now that i know others like it too, it’s a whole new world for me!

      • I’m in the middle of writing one.. i’ll have it finished in a few hours when I finish work. It’s going to be very interesting!

      • it would be interesting for you to write what you think he is thinking as he punishes you this next time for what you did to him in front of your family

      • That is a great idea. Write down the thoughts that are going thru my head. In fact, the next post, I’ll be telling more about what I did, and asking for feedback from anybody who would like to read and reply. He has only told me that this punishment will be paid up by June 30th, and that there are 3 full days of punishment. That’s all I know. We have lots of impliments. I prefer the paddle the best. We also have belts, riding crops, bed restraints, dildos, strap ons, etc.

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