Thoughts about a good dom

Published May 28, 2014 by writergirl8183

I’ve been asked when I’ve talked to the few friends that I do, how does it feel, being the submissive, and sometimes teaching the dom the right things to do. I answer the truth. I absolutely love it. I love the relationship that I have with my master/hubby. We met and clicked right away, he helped me get out of a bad situation, he stayed by my side and did what everyone said could not be done. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have what I have today, which is a house full of nice things, vehicles, and best of all, a family. I sometimes feel like i have split personality. Sometimes, when I’m not turned on, I feel foolish about being submissive. I think, why did I ask him that, or say that? Wow, did I really just do that? But then, once I get turned on, immediately, I become submissive. I feel like I must bore him, because to really really get me going, he has to dominate me, get rough, and as soon as he bends me over, and begins spanking, I’m dripping all over. I don’t know what it is.. he is amazing. Because we are learning together, he is learning me… not how to be a dom.. but how to be MY dom. He does this because he knows that I need it in my sex life to be fulfilled, and he loves me so much that he’ll do anything, even things he’s not comfortable with. At first, he was really nervous spanking me. Finally we got comfortable with the hand, and one day he surprised me and pulled out the belt. At first we were both giggling and nervous, as he started swatting, each swat he’d get a little harder to gauge my reaction, and he’d see that my ass would come up, i’d rub my pussy harder, I’d moan. If he had had other slaves before, he would not be like this with me, he would know how they felt, and how much they could take, and that may not be the same as me.  Well, i have to get back to work, I’ll write more after I finish work, otherwise if he finds out I’ve spent all night blogging and not working, I’ll be in for a punishment that I’m not ready for!  I hope you all enjoy what I’ve written so far.


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