What should my punishment be?

Published May 28, 2014 by writergirl8183

Last month, my Master and I finally took a vacation that we had been planning and looking forward to for some time. We visited all over.  We went and met my brother for the first time, then visited his family, and lastely visited mine.  Being newly married, none of our families had ever met us, except for on Facebook.  Everything was going great.  In the car ride, Master and I found a new way to have some fun.  In the seat, where you normally seat, on the passenger side, I would lay my hips, knees bent going up the back, and my head and chest on the floor.  Putting a pillow under my hips made for a great time. Master had full access to my pussy and ass. And he took full advantage!! He brought all 3 paddles up. Oh, let me explain these paddles.. instead of explaining, let me show you a     $_57picture.  So… the big paddle is my favorite. That one goes over the entire ass. The skinny one, that one hits right where the butt cheeks meet the thigh.  The small one.. oh that one I hate. That one is great for inner thighs.  That hurts more than having my entire ass torn up.  So, back to what happened, he broke the big paddle over my ass on this ride!! But it was soooo worth it. He’d have me saying 1 Master, I will not have an attitude, 1 I will not call Master a brat… and on and on. We only did this at night, when nobody could see into the car.  Long story short, we got to my family, and I don’t know what came over me.  I suddenly felt like I needed to show them who was in charge of our relationship. I became bratty, snotty, rude, loud, obnoxious, and at one point, I even yelled at my Master in front of my parents, another time I yelled at him in front of my best friend.  Master stayed quiet about this, until we left. On the ride home, he informed me that I will be receiving the worst punishment that I’ve ever had so far because of this incident.  It will be a 3 day punishment, it will involve our bed restraints, paddles, belts, and whatever else he feels.  I want some input from other doms and subs and anyone else out there, on what you guys think would be a good punishment for me, after what I did! Thank you all so much!


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